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Shop + Eat + Drink…

Johor Bahru (JB) is the southest city in the West Malaysia.  It is under the state of Johor.

JB is the border between Malaysia and Singapore.  Hence, many people travels to and fro from JB to Singapore or vice-versa.  Many Singaporeans or people from Singapore, travels to JB.  Why?  This is because the food and the saleable items are cheaper than Singapore. Another reason is because the Singapore Dollar currency is stronger than the Malaysia Ringgit currency.  SGD2.35 = MYR1.00.  Earning $$$ in Singapore is much valuable than Malaysia.  For instance a simple example, a fresh graduate earns S$1,800 in Singapore, while fresh graduates in Malaysia earns RM1,800.  Therefore with the conversion of S$1,800 X 2.35 = RM4,230.  With this RM4,230 the spending is 2.35 times better than the Malaysian graduates.  This is why people in Singapore, travels to Malaysia very often.  And many of the Malaysians or especially the neighbouring countries and even from afar i.e. Philippines, China, Indonesia, India, Europe, Australia and etc works in Singapore  including ME.  🙂

After working for just 2 months and 1 week, myself and my travelling partner venture to JB for a trip.  Once i stepped at JB, we were not used to the JB environment as it was so under-developed as compared with Singapore.  It is uncomparable.  With many buses, cars, taxis calling for customers…like there are not any traffic control.  Even there are many pickpockets in JB, an unsafe city. Hence, both of us had to be alert of the surroundings.

When comes to the immigration, the custom in JB is the “best”… the immigration officers, never check the local passport.  People just can walk pass the counters.  I wonder how Malaysia can boost the tourism sector?  People from Singapore to Malaysia, will not have their baggage checked.  People can easily bring a bomb with no fear.  I hope the Malaysia will be strict when the new custom commences which will have to wait for the moon to fall down from the sky and cows start to fly…

Malaysia new custom starting soon? When?

JB new custom starting soon? When?

We went to the City Square as it is only a 3 minutes distance walk from the JB custom.  Extremely near… in fact City Square used to be the only shopping mall (consider large mall) in JB.  So most of the shoppers find their shopping items only in this mall.  However, another new mall built 2-3 years ago.  This new mall is called Tebrau City which needed to take 30-40 minutes bus ride from City Square to Tebrau City.  This mall is a must go GO mall when you are in JB.  Although JB city is not a developed country as like Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, but once you enter the new mall, Tebrau City,… the feeling was different.  We had our lunch at Chinku Ho Ramen, a place you should not miss… A japanese restaurant specialises on noodles.  Even though this type of restaurant is commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia… BUT i just love their soup!  BIG bowl… and soup… whoaaaa…….. fantastic! So hard to discribe… 😛

Interestingly, the bus fare to and fro are pretty expensive.  RM2.20-RM2.40.  How i find it expensive?  Bus fare in KL even cheaper than JB.  RM1.10 you can travel anywhere in the Klang Valley for 1 whole day!!!  One thing i noticed was, there are different bus companies in JB.  There are a few companies travels at the same destinations and their fares aren’t standardised.  Know what bus company for Klang Valley?  Bus Rapid……

There are so many good food in JB… another one we had was Thai cuisine named CARABAO Seafood Restaurant.  The restaurant cater for familes, couples and friends patrons.  We bulat bulat walked in to the restaurant as we found thats the best restaurant that can be found along the Dato’ Abdullah Tahir Road.  Luckily we were early. If we were 10 minutes behind,.. we were on queue already.  People were queing for this restaurant.  The environment is pretty cool… design of a village house.

Carabao Seafood Restaurant - Must go restaurant. YUMMY!

Carabao Seafood Restaurant (Thai cuisine) at Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir - Must go go go restaurant. YUMMY!

Carabao Restaurant in Johor Bahru (Ichiban!)

Carabao Restaurant in Johor Bahru (Ichiban!)

Whether you are a Singaporean, Malaysian, or any other foreigners… no harm to explore further and JB is always a good choice for shopping spree especially for people working in Singapore!!!  To me, i will set once a month to shop in JB and have yummy food there and yet cheap! (only when you make comparison between MYR & SGD money!!!)