Jalan Masjid India

This is not some special places that i should talk about… however, to me, i have never been to this place.. not until i need to get go to this place to do some flights booking at a travel agency.  By searching for this travel agency, it led me to a new place that i have never been before..

I asked a few people of how to go to Jalan  Masjid India, as i do not have a clue the wherabout… I asked 1 old indian man, 1 malay man and 1 chinese man.  The chinese man do not know the place, but the other two knows the way and directed me correctly.  In fact, i was quite in enthusiasm to be directed… i felt i was in some kind of treasure hunt!.. haha… 

Masjid India is just located further in between the road of Masjid Jamek LRT station and OCBC Bank… In between road is called Jalan Melayu (also known as in english “Malay road”).. when walking along the road, there are many stalls operated selling Malays items such as Batik cloth, unbranded watches, women accessories and etc.  And there is a nicely roof built for the to shade stalls. 

Inside the Bazar

Inside the Bazar

Narrow road and stalls at Jalan Melayu

Narrow road and stalls at Jalan Melayu

Bazar at Jalan Masjid India

Bazar at Jalan Masjid India

 Instead calling Chinatown, it can be called as Malaytown. 

Strangely, when stepped into the next road, Indians are seen everywhere..Shops selling sarees, indian restaurants, indian jewelleries and etc…. I was astonished.. as all these while i always thought that Brickfields is the only place that can be found in Kuala Lumpur for Indians.  Some of the tourists were seen at the place as well.  There is a Mydin when walking further in….

Jalan Medan Bunus (Little India No.2)

Jalan Medan Bunus (Little India No.2)


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