Low Yat Plaza (Malaysia IT mall)

Yep yep… i went to Low Yat Plaza in my trip.  Low Yat Plaza is an IT mall in Kuala Lumpur… similar with IT malls in Singapore: Funan and Sim Lim Square.  The price for the items there are very competitive because they are many shops to search for inside the mall.. Whereas as for Funan & Sim Lim Square, most of the shops offers the same standard price… the only difference, they give free items, such as mouse, thumbdrive, headphone..and etc..

Low Yat Plaza - Inside

Low Yat Plaza - Inside

I was there to compare the price for netbooks even though I have already bought an Acer Aspire 150.  All these while i thought purchasing gadgets in singapore is cheaper than in Malaysia.  But after the survey… I was wrong!!!  Well… not a big difference though. The Acer Aspire 150 selling S$688 in Spore while RM1599 in Malaysia.  So to convert S$688 X 2.35 = RM1,616.  RM17 difference lehh…. Anyway, it is only a small difference…. if it is a big difference, i will be punching my heart.  Even though it is cheaper in Malaysia, unfortunately, I have asked all shops… Acer Aspire 150 is out of stocks in the whole Low Yat Plaza.  At least i felt better ehhh…… 😀

I did check for Lenovo, Asus, HP, LG,….selling for RM1699.  I guess they have stocks as i they were being displayed.  I chosen Acer because the internal specs as compared with the rest are the same.. the only difference is Acer have 6 cells battery (advantage) and 8 inch monitor screen (disadvantage) and the last is….. Acer reduced the price.  Previously was selling S$799, now reduced to S$688.. without consider any further… i quickly confirmed to choose Acer and not the rest. If Acer did not reduce the price.. i will consider to purchase either Lenovo or Asus.

Take a look at photos i took at Low Yat Plaza.

Low Yat main entrance

Low Yat main entrance

Christmas Tree outside Low Yat

Christmas Tree outside Low Yat


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