Nyonya Colors at Mid Valley

If you are a West Malaysian, high chances that you know where Mid Valley is. Today myself and my mum was at the Mid Valley for some shopping. Mid Valley is located at the Federal Highway of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. The mall has expanded (enlarge) to another section, The Gardens, where I didn’t manage to walk there due to limited time of myself in Kuala Lumpur.
 Nyonya Colors at Mid Valley

Nyonya Colors at Mid Valley

During the lunch time I took my mum to a new place called “Nyonya Colors” that me neither been there. They sell nyonya food such as the local food i.e. nasi lemak special, yellow laksa, dry noodle, assam laksa and more..price is not expensive for most of the items RM8.90 for mall environment. As for the food, I would say they are just so – so.. To me, I won’t suggest you to try at this restaurant unless you have other choice to take in Mid Valley.

If you are a non-Malaysian who is reading my blog..high chances you may not know what is ‘nyonya’..to know more about nyonya, click here.

 Nyonya Kueh Display

Nyonya Kueh Display

 However, I do like the atmosphere there.. especially the display of nyonya kueh at the counter. They are so colourful! I think that is why the restaurant is called Nyonya Colors…. Although it wasn’t a highly rated restaurant, the restaurant is still full of patrons though. I tried the Yellow Noodle Laksa and Dry Noodle, – they don’t taste nice to me,… but who knows others may be better?


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