I enjoyed walking at Amcorp Mall Flea Market!

I wonder why it has to call “Flea” market?  Because flea is used for items in low quality? Second hand items for sale?

Click here to check wiki for answer….

Amcorp Mall - Biggest flea market in Malaysia

Amcorp Mall - Biggest flea market in Malaysia

Another place i like to go is the Flea Market at Amcorp Mall.  Amcorp mall’s flea market was the first flea market started in Malaysia.  After the mall’s successes, other shopping malls starts to imitate the mall’s concept such as The Summit, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), Mont Kiara and etc.  For my preference, the one i like to go best is the flea market in Amcorp Mall.  Not the others but the amcorp mall.  Other flea market is not so exactly  like the flea market, they are high class flea market such as the BSC and Mon’t Kiara.  To me, they are not exactly like the flea market as define by the wikipedia.  :S

I was walking in this Amcorp flea market 10 years ago, that time there wasn’t many stalls only located at the Lower Ground Floor level.   It started to get bigger and better… and from the Lower Ground floor, it is occupying all the floors now.

Flea market is normally walked by old men…. coz they like to look at antiques or probably can find some old good stuff that are very hard to find.  Hahaha… and guess what?  I am one of the old men….. I never buy any of them but i enjoy looking at them.  I enjoy looking at the antiques, action figures, books and stuff that may interest me.

Amcorp Mall Flea Market (ground floor) 1

Amcorp Mall Flea Market (ground floor) 1

Flea Market (Lower Ground Floor) 2

Flea Market (Lower Ground Floor) 2

Flea Market Outside

Flea Market Outside

One of the stalls - selling new and used toys

One of the stalls - selling new and used toys

A caucasian lady selling crockery

A caucasian lady selling crockery items & others


Reindeers at the Reception 🙂

I used to think of selling my Coca-Cola collection and other items at this flea market.  But due to the time constrain and my location in Singapore now… I don’t think i have this opportunity to do that.  For renting a table there, it cost RM45. This is the price i used to ask 2 years ago.  I am not sure if the price has changed.  You may check at the reception counter.  The Amcorp Mall flea market is every Sunday.

The second interesting flea market is located at the backlane of Petaling Street.  If you’re an ordinary person, you may not know about this flea market at Petaling Street.  If you are an unordinary person, you may know this flea market… so which category are you?  It is not searchable on the net…… the stealing goods flea market…  I went there this year and found there were many stolen items on sale…include shoes (who knows you may found your lost shoes on sale in the backlane!), watches,  wallets, handbags, electronics, laptops, handphones and etc….. and who are the buyers?  The buyers are the low incomers and maybe some are beggers and thiefs and drug addicts?…  The stuff they sell on certain items are  cheap and some are pricey.. depends on the items.  But if you want to go… it is better that you wear casual.. not expensive clothings… not to get attracted by the thieves…  so wear torn shirt or torn jeans… make yourself look cheap there as you’re one of them and go along with your friend…..Of course not all items are stolen…. half of the items are second hand….

This backlane Petaling Street flea market opens every Saturday and Sunday.  More floor stalls available on Sunday and very heavy human traffic on Sunday due to additional floor stalls.. Time: 7am-11am.

View Amcorp Mall & Backlane Petaling Street (KL) in a larger map


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  1. err, can u tell me where amcorpmall exactly located ?
    im interested to sell my collection there 😉

  2. Join us At SUNSAT Flea Market Bazaar this november. Sell what ever you want*.

  3. Could you tell me where the backlane Petaling Street flea market is located? is it easy to find? Thanks 🙂

    • Petaling Street is located at Chinatown KL. Backlane of Nam Heong Chicken Rice (behind).

      Opens on Saturdays and Sundays at 7am until around 10:30am. More stalls to see on Sundays…. Interesting place to see but has to becareful of your own belongings as the people around are very low end, very crowded…. not so suitable for ladies to go. (but i went also lahh)

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