Rainy Christmas in South East Asia

It is end of the year.  Instead countries in the west are having winter season – snowing, or very cold weather.  In South East Asia is having rainy season – called Northeast monsoon from November to January.

The Christmas in Singapore….

Wet Christmas in Singapore

Wet Christmas Eve in Singapore

As for the northern part of Asian countries – Far East Asia – Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and etc… the season now is very cold and dry… as referring to my mum who just came back recently from Taiwan on her 2 weeks trip.  She said, “Taiwan is very very COLD…. all came back in runny nose and sick….”  To me, i feel they are not use to the weather there…

UK and certain parts in Europe,.. snow won’t come until January.  I remember, me and my friends went to the Northern of Scotland on Christmas Day to check for snow at Inverness…  There wasn’t a single drop of snow at the sea level until we went up the hills where people actually went there for skis. Only then in January, snow falls at the City centres in UK.

Ho Ho Ho ho..


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