Jagabee is so YUMMY!

I wanted to write this about Jagabee… yummy and tasty.  French fries made in Japan… I am not sure if this is available in Malaysia but it is widely available in Singapore. A product from Calbee.

As i said, I like fattening food… a snack item that i like to eat while watching TV, or online…. Better than McDonald’s french fries.  Once you start eating, you can’t stop….

Yummy Jagabee in cup

Yummy Jagabee in cup

Price is ‘not cheap’ for a small item like this..


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  1. Just wanted to tell you that only last week I tasted this for the first time in SIN and I ate 12 cans in 2 days! Couldn’t find it in KL.

    • Cool! I am from KL too. The fries are just heaven! 🙂 Just couldnt get enough, but it is expensive and very little. 😦 Ya, so sad not selling in KL though. 😦

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