4-hour (approx 13km) Macritchie Reservoir Park Walk…

Long Long hiking + walking..

Interesting walk but very long… and tiring. It took 4 hours to complete the 13km trails. The trails are from Moderate to Difficult.

It was a jungle, scenery, muddy, longs stairs, rocky walk..fortunately it was fun..

Meeting point was in Bishan MRT..and buses can be boarded at the Bishan Interchange however, ensured everyone taking breakfast as the trails were long.

The walk started at 10am and completed at 2pm…

Where we walked at Macritchie - trails from Moderate to Difficult

Where we walked at Macritchie - trails from Moderate to Difficult

A recommended place to spend for your weekend.  Although at first half there wasn’t any scenery except dense forest… but the 2nd half,.. the reservoir was very entertaining for us to keep walking while enjoying the view of scenery.

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  1. i forgot to add in am on the 8.45

  2. which was today form 8.45-5.00pm but had special reasons to leave bukit timah. i feel that bukit timah is a relaxing place for a hike though dirty and muddy and feels like there is no way out, but as long as we try, we might find where we are heading to…. and i really enjoyed it alot though there were complaints on the way….

  3. we took the jungle hike wth our school chij tpy sec, it was a long walk from mcritchie to bukit timah, got lost on the way but fun though mudy and hot and dirty, fell down on the way…:-)

  4. yes it’s a very very long walk…

    i did it once and what a work out!

    so recently i decided to just cover the places where it was revamped… 🙂


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