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Lock your Luggage!

Especially when you travel, ensure you lock your luggage when you wish to have your luggage to send in the baggage compartment.

My colleague just lost a camera and a mobile phone due to her carelessness not to have the luggage locked.

No matter what, it is best to lock them, get a padlock which cost more or less RM5.00/S$2.00.

Better be safe than sorry..


Batam Trip 15-16 August 2009

Even a short weekend travelling made me excited!  I have been longing for holiday.

Planning for this trip 1 month ago..Overall the trip was ok.. good to spend on the weekend.

We were staying at Harris Resort which is located about 30 minutes drive from the city centre, Nagoya.  The resort is an old resort, we were staying at the old wing and new wing charged the higher price was built not long ago.

The room is basic looking room, and importantly the room is cleaned.  But if you are intend to go just for shopping in Batam, i would recommend you to go to “I Hotel“.  Which is located at the city centre,.. if you like abit of good exterior environment, you may go to Harris Resort that has got the facilities of swimming pool, and 10 bowling lanes and more others.

Harris Resort Batam

Harris Resort Batam

The view out from my balcony room

The view out from my balcony room

To me i feel the Harris Resort softa money minded.. because everything is on money. Shuttle bus is not free to Nagoya City is not free.  S$10/person of return trip to/from Nagoya Hill.   Last bus travels back to the resort is 5:30pm.  So to save your money in food for your dinner, better buy back food to have it in the resort, coz resort food is limited and charge  Singapore Dollar unless you take package with the resort which include meals.

My brought back snacks my dinner my tidbits

My brought back snacks my dinner my tidbits

As for shopping spree at Nagoya city, its definitely cheaper than what you see in Singapore. 50% cheaper.  We went to Nagoya Hill, is a shopping mall and the largest mall in Nagoya.  Most of the items are cheap but certain are not.. or 30% lower price compared with items sell in Singapore such like items in sports… sports shoes, shirts.. and etc. To me i only saw 2 sports shops.  Unfortunately, Batam is not for tourists who are looking for branded goods.. such as LV handbag, Prada, fashion clothings, watches and etc.  No No.  Coz you will never find any branded stuff … they are all fake.. or their local brands.

Main entrance of Nagoya Hill, Batam

Main entrance of Nagoya Hill, Batam

One of the local brand in Indonesia is The Executive where most of the tourists to shop for work clothings. Some sort of quality work clothes that can be found in the Nagoya Hill.  At the lowest Ground floor, all the electronic stuff can be found.. but i am not sure whether it is cheap to purchase.. But i doubt so, coz i asked for the price for PSP.. and the price is S$50 more expensive than the price in Singapore.

Fortunately Batam is a place for Singapore tourists to shop for groceries, or probably sports clothings and shoes?  With very limited of designs..

Since Batam is very near to Singapore, it is a good choice for people to get away from Singapore and to spend on the weekend to rest and relax awhile with abit of exploration in the Batam cities.

Best Fried Chicken.... Imitator of Kentucky Fried Chicken!!

Best Fried Chicken.... Imitator of Kentucky Fried Chicken!!

I find that in Indonesia, it seems its kinda common for restaurants to imitate another restaurant.  One is the BFC as shown above and another is Coffee Town Kaya Toast.  Imitating the interior, design, logo and the brand name.  Name of Old Town White Coffee (Msia) and Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Spore).  You will find this Coffee Town Kaya Toast at the Nagoya Hill top floor.

Another imitator, Coffee Town, Batam

Another imitator, Coffee Town, Batam

Most of the tourists from Singapore go for A&W in Nagoya Hill, because Singapore do not have A&W restaurant.  For me, I was looking for local food there instead of fast food.  The fast food pictures taken were all just snacks for us.. We went to this Ayam Penyet Ria..the same restaurant where i had it at Lucky Plaza in Singapore – Ayam Penyet Ria.. We ordered 1 set of Ayam Penyet (chicken) and another set for Empal Penyet (beef).  Surprised us, the dishes doesn’t look the same nor the taste.  In fact,  I like the Empal Penyet.. the beef than chicken.  The meat was not hard but soft……

Ayam Penyet Restaurant Batam

Ayam Penyet Restaurant Batam

Ayam Penyet (Left) Empal Penyet (Right) Food of Indonesia

Empal Penyet (Right) Ayam Penyet (Left) Food of Indonesia

Ferries to and fro (Singapore/Batam) cost S$40 (return) on Batamfast.  Travelling on the weekend was so packed of people.  Therefore, i would advice you to make booking with Batamfast either by online or SMS.

Batam Fast Ferry at Harbourfront

Batam Fast Ferry at Harbourfront

So far the trip was alright.. refreshen me abit after for long i have not  travelled except my international trip was a business trip at Sri Lanka.

Up *****/5

Have you watched UP???  I watched it and i loved it!

A movie that everybody must watch.

At first I thought this movie wouldn’t be a good one..because i was thinking from the poster of an old man, what can an old man act well in the story??  I wondered…..Still i purchased the movie tickets after awhile of thinking because i believed of Disney production and Pixar company of animation.  Lucky i watched it, I will be regret for not watching it!

I don’t go for all movies… but selected one.  Usually I chose movies that has got a wellknown film production companies i.e. Century Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, United International Pictures, Disney. and familiar animation companies i.e. Pixar, Dreamworks, Warner Bros and etc.

Ok.. i think I am writing out of the topic..

The story for UP is interesting.. suitable for kids and adults..Not like when i was young, cartoons like Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey Mouse and etc, those already out of date!…i guess nowadays kids are very smart and can understand what it says…

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!

Story about couple living together with a dream of travelling/adverturing to South America.  Unfortunately, their dream never fulfilled and wife’s old age pass-away and this reslults the 78 years old husband (known as Carl) living alone….. An accident came up and court summon him ordered him to move to old folks village as he was not suitable to live alone.  Indeed he refuses to go.. and came with a brilliant idea  to fly away with his house and using lots and lots of balloons to South America.  He came to know this kid Russells, and a Golden Retriever dog, DUG on his hilarious adventure.. I like the villain dogs.. Gamma the Rottweiler and Beta the Bulldog (like it when they laugh!)..I would not continue further… watch it yourself lah!


An Excellent movie! Must Watch!


Was SARS.  Now H1N1. 

Could H1N1 prevent you from travelling?  What I mean not for business but for leisure.

In fact, this flu is affecting all businesses, industries and sectors.  If things gets worse, it can also affect the country’s economy. 

To me, i find whether a person staying in the country and not leaving the country for watsoever reasons, the person may still be catching the infectious in the local unless he/she is a highly preventive person..  If a person afraid to travel due to H1N1, i find this is unreasonable unless he/she is a well security person that wear a mask all the time and well care of hygiene. Coz it virus spreads locally too.

I wore a mask last weekend when i was in Kuala Lumpur especially when walking at the public crowded areas and taking public transport.  Wearing a mask wasn’t a nice thing.. coz it was so hot.   

I have attached a file for H1N1 prevention… h1n1prevention 

Take care people!

Lina Yippy’s Top 15 Favourites

Songs that I listen over and over again everytime i travels to and fro work. (I ranked according to my preference)

  1. Thinking of You – Katy Perry
  2. Up – The Saturdays
  3. 1234 – Plain White T’s
  4. Untouched – The Veronica
  5. I kissed a girl – Katy Perry
  6. Bulletproof – La Roux
  7. Hush Hush; Hush Hush – The Pussycat Doll
  8. The Climb – Miley Cyrus
  9. New Divide – Linkin Park
  10. Poker Face – Lady GaGa
  11. Gives you hell – The All American Rejects
  12. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
  13. Jai Ho – The Pussycat Doll
  14. Sugar – Flo Rida
  15. Halo – Beyonce