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Blogging for a year in WordPress – thanks!

Actually this can be done better if i have got ample of time. 

I like to share news and places around i been to people.. whom often some left me comments.  It is good though.. for 1 year achieved 17,000+++ readers… which is very good though.. in fact i never expect that much which has almost double my target. (10,000 readers).

I have been to many places in September & October.. but i will try to write a fair bit for my last trip back to KL.  I should write more about KL and not  Singapore.. to balance up readers statistic if i could.  Moreover, living in Singapore has made me out dated the happenings in KL in which i should keep myself up to date.

All i can say here…..

Thanks people and wordpress!


Would you like some worms for afternoon snack?

My colleague came back from Thailand and bought worms!

Yea.. this type of worms are usually feed birds or fish.  And now can be tasty snack for human too.  Certainly these “snack”  not to be eaten alive….

I heard and watched TV before about fried insects such as grasshoppers, ants, scorpions, tree worms and etc…. but not actually seen it before…

I consider an adventurous person, no harm trying out then…hehehe.. Interestingly it wasn’t difficult to eat though, because it doesn’t have taste except a bit of salt but very crispy as if eating chips or JAGABEE (fried fries)…


Yummy Worms

Brussels Beer Cafe – Jaya One

Went back to KL.. and have heard about this Beer Cafe in blogs and people around.  It was an interesting place to check it out.

I like the environment, although most patrons sits outdoor than indoor…

I ordered 1 pint of Hoegaarden beer which cost RM32.00.  its expensive.  And my friend ordered Irish Coffee (mix with whiskey).. for RM18.00.  Unless you are a coffee lover, and like bitter taste of coffee… this is a good recommendation for you.

For tidbits we had Waffles …around RM12.00… not a recommended because the portion is rather small..given two pieces.  I would rather you to go for Waffles in A&W.  But I would recommend for fries, cost around RM8.00.  …  I like fries that are thick and big.  Like the american fries.   Not like those selling in McDonald’s.

Going back to the environment, what i don’t like is there was no music for those sitting at the outside.  In my next round back to KL, i would like to try the inside sittings.