About me

Hi!  Everyone calls me Lina.  I am a Malaysian.  I was born and raised in the capital city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur (KL).  My home is in Bangsar (where my parents are living),  a strategic area, 10 minutes drive to Kuala Lumpur city centre and 10 minutes to Petaling Jaya, with many expatriates chose to live, high ends shopping malls, many ethnic restaurants, good local food that can find.
However, I am not living with my parents.  Work permits me to live and work in Singapore started since August 2008.  I try to travel back to KL as often as possible, once on every 1-2 months as how i miss KL and the life there.  Currently i am living at Jalan Bukit Merah (Singapore), is another strategic area, 5 minutes travel by public transport, bus to the Singapore city centre.
Certainly most of us love traveling.  Hence, here I am writing this blog – destination of my travel life – where i go, what i see, what i do – it will all be written here.  I love traveling, but who doesn’t?  I used to travel to many places, but that was before the existence of blogging… I had been to United Kingdom, Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland and Austria), United States, Mexico, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.  The next group of destinations I wish to go are New Zealand, Mongolia, Russia, Scandinavia, Korea and islands in Thailand.  Well, you may read a lot about Singapore in my blog,… I am not promoting Singapore though, I am just writing wherever places i been and Singapore is where I work!
Why I named the title “Walk With Us” and not “Walk With Me”?… Indeed I wasn’t walking alone, maybe at times i may walk by myself but occasionally my close friend of mine is with me.  She is Agnes, we have been together and knowing each other for 4 years.  We are pretty compatible and comfortable with each other company.  She is a photographer, although she doesn’t have a proper camera!  LOL!  Of course, in the near future there wouldn’t be just us in this blog.  I hope there will be more people and more friends will be joining us to see the world.
Aside traveling, I also will be putting the items I am selling on Ebay.  I had opened the Ebay account for 4 years, but all these while i was only a buyer, never a seller until March 2008 which i find, selling online is much more interesting than buying!


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