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Sri Lanka (20-26 January 2009)

Came back from Sri Lanka on my business trip.  Sri Lanka is a nice country and was not what i imagined.

I the flight, i was the only chinese person in the flight… and the rest were Sri Lankans and Indonesians making a transit at Colombo to the Middle East.  When entered the aircraft, foooyohhh…. “wonderful” smell in the aircraft, if you know what i mean??? hahahaha…. in about a few minutes, i have gotten immuned with the smell…..

It takes only 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur but 4 hours back?

When reached Bandaranaike Airport, Colombo.. interestingly there are many electronic duty free shops that can be found in the airport even though the electrical applicances are expensive.  From rice cooker to washing machines and to LCD televisions.. It is a small airport…

While waiting for a taxi at the airport, the first car i saw in Sri Lanka is Perodua Kelisa.  I was fascinated seeing the Malaysia national car…. impressive…  However, there are many things happening in Sri Lanka… In the Colombo there are many soldiers and police officers who are on duty patrolling the Colombo city.  Cars they stopped will be examined and checked, the vehicle, the driver, and the local passengers but not foreign passengers.  A police will use a mirror to screen through the underneath of the vehicles in afraid of bomb hidden.  Quite scary ehh?

In Sri Lanka, i was even then “molested” many times from top to bottom by the lady police officers…. what i mean, they physically checked my body in afraid i am holding guns, knife.. In fact, they check for everyone. Just before the few days i arrived Sri Lanka, there were bomb explosion and had killed 100s of civilians by the Tamil Tigers….. can check out the overview about Sri Lanka by clicking here..

Have you heard siren before? As if a war is about to begin…..Maybe my parents have had heard before during the war in the Malaya… but to me, i never expect i myself would have heard the sound of real siren.. The siren is to inform the civilians to get away/run or to find places to cover. I heard siren in Sri Lanka at 6:30am on 23rd January 2009 from my hotel room, and out of my curiosity, i look out the window but can’t see a thing from my window… and a couple of siren, there were then shooting sound. Yikes!!!! But the shooting was just only awhile….last about 5 minutes?

When i leave for work at 8:30am, everything was back to normal at the City of Colombo. People go to work, students go to school.. seems the shooting is already a norm in Sri Lanka… I guess because of this the security is very tight in Sri Lanka ensuring there is no terrorists attack.

My work was ok in Sri Lanka, i did my best to do my tasks.. I went to Kandy to and fro for day trip… the journey from Colombo to Kandy takes about 4 hours a trip and it the distance between these cities is only about 110km. The distance is short but it takes so long to reach. This is because of the road structure.. they do not have highways in Sri Lanka.

Kandy is a nice city, there is a lake at the city and in the morning the weather was pretty cool. But, hot in the afternoon. On my way back from Kandy to Colombo, i made a stop to watch the Elephant Orphanage. It is a place to visit for tourists. The elephants kepts are orphans. They do not have parents or mother as some elephants, fallen a trap, left out by the parent, fell into a hole and etc. Half of them are babies… and infact, these elephants aren’t in old age. It was my first time seeing soooo many elephants in my life. Hahahaa…

One danger travelling alone, especially for women.. its quite dangerous in the hotel stay. I encountered moments that freaks me out a little… It did not happen once but twice. It happened two days (on different day in the evening at between 8pm and 9pm)… that at night someone knock on my door. I was a little terrified as i did not order or request anything… So i kept quiet hoping the person knocked at my door will go away…Moreover, the door has no hole for me to peek the person… again he knocks again. I maintain silence…. then in just a moment, i heard the person juggling with the keys as if he was going to open the door. I quickly answer the person, I asked, “Yes?” He answered, “Do you need hospitality service?”… i quickly respond… “No, No…”

Two days later, around the same time,…someone came knocking the door again.., I kept in silence and i heard the sound of the keys. i quickly asked, “yes?”… the person asked, “Do you need housekeeping?”.. I said “No”. I was thinking, housekeeping in the middle of the night? How can that be???? My room is already cleaned every morning.. everytime when i came back from work, my room was cleaned…Further more, the door wasn’t knock every night…. which i been staying for 6 nights and 2 nights were asked.

To me i am sure the person has got some intention,… first asking for hospitality service…. I was terrified, as i know this person already know i am staying alone and the time when i be back to my room.. he must be the hotel staff. My friend said, he may purposely making the sound of the keys as if he is going to open the door…so that i will response…. Which i find her thoughts is true…..

I wanted to ask the reception if they really do the housekeeping in the evening as well….. Unfortunately, I have forgotten because i was too happy to checkout from the hotel as that was the final night.

So girls and ladies… please becareful when travelling alone. Be alert and cautious of your wherabout. Not to open the door at night whoever come knocking at your door…

So far, the trip was ok…eye opening for me. I don’t think I will travel to Sri Lanka for leisure or at any countries on the war moment.. because it is advisable to stay in the room in the evening and not to go out. That was why, i was there for work.. and did not travel much except I went to the Elephant Ophanage. I was actually told by the taxi driver also tourist chauffeur that Southern of Sri Lanka has got many tourist attractions which should be explore….

One thing I like about Sri Lanka is the people..The people are very humble. They will talk or smile at you even you’re a stranger to them. Questions you asked, they will response with smiley face…

At the airport, when i was leaving… i saw many of the passengers who are on transit, most of them travelling to Male (Maldives). I was thinking, should make a visit there in the future and it has to be soon due to the global warming because the rises of the ocean/sea level.

Here are some of the photos taken.  I did not take many photos on this trip as it was a business trip… I have to keep  myself cooolllll…hahaha…. 😉

At Sri Lanka?

Nope…i am still in Kuala Lumpur… waiting for departure at the KLIA…

A little bit excited as this is my first time travelling to a least touristic country for the first time and alone…….

Wish me luck and hope i do enjoy this trip!

Travel Advice Safety Website

Today my British colleague gave me a website which is very informative on the current environment status for all countries.  This particularly apply to countries have got high terrorism.

Click the link here.

The website also give other advices such as natural disaster, the crime rate, road travel, places to avoid, travel requirement and etc.  Although this website is only apply for British citizen but it is actually useful for everyone irrespective of who you are.

Sri Lanka is high terrorism rate.. And seems yesterday, there was suicide bomb blast and killed 8 people at the Civil Defence Force, Wattala, Colombo.  Check this site for more info.  I better not to tell mum about this….  :S