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Taiwan trip 22 Dec – 4 Jan 2014 (Day 4)

Day 4: Danshui

As we a were leaving to our trip on the next day.  We spent a little more time with my sister and family before embarking to cities outside Taipei.

We went to Danshui as it was not far from Beitou.  Danshui is located at the last/first stop of Danshui Line (Red line).  We were out during the day time by taking the Metro train from Qilian to Danshui.  It was indeed an enjoyable outing for us and also for my nieces.  Danshui attraction and shopping are just located at the Metro station.

There are two stretch of road.  One is facing the sea where many game stalls were available.  My nieces love to play these.  Dart game.  Hitting the balloons are easy.

Dart game stall

Dart game stall

Along the road  there are a few stalls sell ice-cream.  Similar with the Hokkaido ice-cream we had but of course the taste was not as good as the real hokkaido ice-cream 😐

Danshui ice-cream

Danshui ice-cream

We did not hang out at the Danshui for long because it was a rainy shower in Taiwan.  Moreover, it was hard to shop in the rainy day and kids were tagging along.

Rainy day

Rainy day

Rainy day

Rainy day

We did shop a few things there.  I bought a Skecher shoes which was indeed cheap!  In Singapore, you could never find shoes selling range from S$50-80.  They do have varieties of design – Sports and casual.  Phone covers, phone plugs, cute hats, peanuts (famous), steel eggs, clothings are only some delicacy items in Danshui.

As tomorrow we are leaving Taipei for Taichung… guess it was better to spend abit more time at home with my sis and family 😛

Dinner Hot Pot!  Hot Pot is a popular dish in Taipei.  My sis brought us to a Hot Pot restaurant called Sky Soup.  Literally translated from 天汤 .

Hot pot

Sky Soup Hot Pot Restaurant – Menu

Individual Bowl

Hot Pot on Individual Bowl

Is good to eat when the weather is cold. The restaurant is similar with Shabu Shabu in Singapore.

天汤 address and location of the restaurant:

111台湾台北市士林區 (忠誠路二段188號B1), 士林區, 111

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