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Dry weather…

The weather is so dry in Singapore. It has been in this weather since early January. First time Singapore experiences this weather.

Feels like autumn season. How I wish. Unfortunately not.  I can feel my skin is drying such as face and hands.


What is happening to the earth?

Cycling – Northern Explorer Park Connector Loop – 30km

It was a wonderful day for cycling though the sun was bright and weather is hot.  Adventure in the forest and seeing the nature was definitely made my day satisfying.

We started our first Park Connector Network – Northern Explore Loop where we decided to head to the Singapore Zoo from the Causeway Point and all the way to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.  Then back to the Khartib, Yishun, Admiralty and final to Causeway Point.

We started at 9:10am….

Northern Explorer Loop (Park Connector Network) – Cycling

Woodlands PC was a nice trail indeed.. it came from a highway from woodlands and narrow slopes all way up hill and downhill.  The slope just beside the Singapore Sports School.  We felt refreshing morning wind breeze at the tip of the hill.

Woodlands PC Trail

Which way?

The Ulu Sembawang PC was an interesting path, I like trails that have many trees surrounding but not too difficult to ride though. Saw some dogs lying around at the side walk……

Nice… I like it..

At the end of the Ulu Sembawang PC, we arrived the highway of Mandai Road.  Often seen views of reservoir…

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Cycling with our little bikes were challenging especially in the forest.  I was afraid the tires puncture. Half way when we saw a pool of mud, we decided to make a U-turn back as our little bikes cannot take the trails. There are many cyclists with mountain bikes…Hopefully we able to experience this trail when we got a mountain bikes.

Central Catchment PC – Forest ride…. My little bicycle cannot tahan!

We headed to the Singapore Zoo instead. Then we head to the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.  It was a long long ride to the park.

Singapore Zoo ya..? 🙂

Have a break, have a kit kat..

Mandai Road

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

From the park, back we go to the Causeway Point, rode along the MRT red line…. 30km awesome ride, good night sleep tonight!,  and bringing home unforgettable PCN adventure 🙂