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Safety travel items to bring along

Here I am, preparing to go to Sri Lanka. I hope the trip is going to be an enjoyable, healthy and safe!  To ensure it is to be a safest and healthy journey, here are some of the precaution items I will be bringing along with me….

Items must be bringing along with you when travelling....

Items must be bringing along with you when travelling....

There are not many items… unless you want your journey to be in the safest such as first aid kit items – adhesive bandage, tape, oitment… and blah blah blah. 
This is the basic stuff i bringing along for this trip.. depend how safe you want it to be… haha… For me, i am just bringing safety items that is necessary for me….
  1. Po Chai Pills – Useful when having diarrhoe, stomachache.. Eating disorder. 
  2. Cap Kapak/Axe Brand Medicated Oil – pain relief such as stomachsche, feeling dizziness and faint…..
  3. Panadol – Very common pills to bring along.  Use for fever relief.
  4. Personal Alarm – The alarm will set off when the keychain is unplugged.. use when there is an approach from the assailant…Must keep the alarm beside all time..
  5. Puri-Safe – These are water purification tablets.  Useful when travelling to 3rd world countries or least developped countries.  To prevent diarrhoea after drinking water.  Direction: Just put 1 tablet into the 1 liter of water and the water is safe to drink.  Can also use for washing fruits and vegetables. 

The items do not  need to be the same brand name, can purchase different brands as long the items are effective.  Available at Pharmacy… and as for personal alarm – available at shopping malls; shops sells all sorts of unique gadgets or maybe Pasar Malam?