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SPCA, Singapore

Do you like animals?

I like animals, especially the furry ones…  At home in Kuala Lumpur I have a Golden Retriever dog.  I used to keep hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and birds.

SPCA - Singapore

SPCA - Singapore

Went to this SPCA to check,.. often seen from posters, flyers and heard from radio, not to simply purchase animals.  Great responsibility to keep a pet.

“Keeping a pe comes with many responsibilities.  The pet owner must  be prepared to spend time and money to care for it for life.  Not everyone is ready for such a commitment.  Thus, pets should never be given as gifts.”

The SPCA Singapore receives approximately 1,000 unwanted animals every month.  You can check more info on SPCA by clicking here.

As you see from the photo album, most of  the dogs are large breed because small breed dogs are fast to be adopted.