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Brussels Beer Cafe – Jaya One

Went back to KL.. and have heard about this Beer Cafe in blogs and people around.  It was an interesting place to check it out.

I like the environment, although most patrons sits outdoor than indoor…

I ordered 1 pint of Hoegaarden beer which cost RM32.00.  its expensive.  And my friend ordered Irish Coffee (mix with whiskey).. for RM18.00.  Unless you are a coffee lover, and like bitter taste of coffee… this is a good recommendation for you.

For tidbits we had Waffles …around RM12.00… not a recommended because the portion is rather small..given two pieces.  I would rather you to go for Waffles in A&W.  But I would recommend for fries, cost around RM8.00.  …  I like fries that are thick and big.  Like the american fries.   Not like those selling in McDonald’s.

Going back to the environment, what i don’t like is there was no music for those sitting at the outside.  In my next round back to KL, i would like to try the inside sittings.