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Was SARS.  Now H1N1. 

Could H1N1 prevent you from travelling?  What I mean not for business but for leisure.

In fact, this flu is affecting all businesses, industries and sectors.  If things gets worse, it can also affect the country’s economy. 

To me, i find whether a person staying in the country and not leaving the country for watsoever reasons, the person may still be catching the infectious in the local unless he/she is a highly preventive person..  If a person afraid to travel due to H1N1, i find this is unreasonable unless he/she is a well security person that wear a mask all the time and well care of hygiene. Coz it virus spreads locally too.

I wore a mask last weekend when i was in Kuala Lumpur especially when walking at the public crowded areas and taking public transport.  Wearing a mask wasn’t a nice thing.. coz it was so hot.   

I have attached a file for H1N1 prevention… h1n1prevention 

Take care people!