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Up *****/5

Have you watched UP???  I watched it and i loved it!

A movie that everybody must watch.

At first I thought this movie wouldn’t be a good one..because i was thinking from the poster of an old man, what can an old man act well in the story??  I wondered…..Still i purchased the movie tickets after awhile of thinking because i believed of Disney production and Pixar company of animation.  Lucky i watched it, I will be regret for not watching it!

I don’t go for all movies… but selected one.  Usually I chose movies that has got a wellknown film production companies i.e. Century Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, United International Pictures, Disney. and familiar animation companies i.e. Pixar, Dreamworks, Warner Bros and etc.

Ok.. i think I am writing out of the topic..

The story for UP is interesting.. suitable for kids and adults..Not like when i was young, cartoons like Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey Mouse and etc, those already out of date!…i guess nowadays kids are very smart and can understand what it says…

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!

Story about couple living together with a dream of travelling/adverturing to South America.  Unfortunately, their dream never fulfilled and wife’s old age pass-away and this reslults the 78 years old husband (known as Carl) living alone….. An accident came up and court summon him ordered him to move to old folks village as he was not suitable to live alone.  Indeed he refuses to go.. and came with a brilliant idea  to fly away with his house and using lots and lots of balloons to South America.  He came to know this kid Russells, and a Golden Retriever dog, DUG on his hilarious adventure.. I like the villain dogs.. Gamma the Rottweiler and Beta the Bulldog (like it when they laugh!)..I would not continue further… watch it yourself lah!


An Excellent movie! Must Watch!

Ip Man ****/5

Ip Man - A must watch movie for everyone!

Ip Man - A must watch movie for everyone!

Good movie… I enjoyed fighting movies. Chinese Kungfu! Eiiiyakkkk!!!

Donnie Yen is cool when fighting…. and the Japanese army the General Miura very handsome lahhhh… hahahahah

The scene that i liked, when Ip Man conduct martial art training to the factory workers.  The workers seems know the steps very well especially the ladies….

I enjoyed every bit of this movie even though I watched it from the DVD and not in the cinema..

This movie was released in the cinema in December 2008.  It was based in a true story, realife; Ip Man was a master for Bruce Lee.

All’s Well End’s Well 2009 ****/5

Good movie to watch on this CNY!

Good movie to watch on this CNY!

Hahahaha.. this is a funny movie to laugh on CNY.  Usually there is one HK comedy movie for CNY on screen.

Sandra Ng plays well… as a comedian.   I find that she is more capable be a comedian than serious acting.

What i don’t like about this movie is HK movies likes to imitate other movies… In this movie, you will find Chinese Ugly Betty…

Overall I gave 4 out of 5 stars after the reduction of Chinese Ugly Betty on screen…

Twilight ****/5

Twilight movie - Recommended!

Twilight movie - Recommended!

I enjoyed every bit of this movie!  Just by looking at the poster…. it is for sure a love story movie.  A vampire and a human.

The movie does not have any bloody gory scene, not at all like the usual horror movies, human eating, vampire, zombie movies do.  Unique from the rest.  Frankly, i am a type of person who enjoy watching vampy, zombie, human eating movies… but this one… i llove it!!

I wouldn’t rate it full stars.. because i feel there are some of the scenes that can be improved to the best.

Well… this is another movie I would recommend you to go for……….enjoy..

Bolt ****/5

This movie is hilarious and storyline is pretty dumb… or maybe Bolt is a dumb dog!

Bolt the "super dog"

Bolt the "super dog"

The dog looked smart yeh??  About the story… Bolt was adopted and raised by a girl named Penny.   All these while he thought that he is a super dog that has got the super power-  strong, super bark, laser eyes.. and etc…  Unfortunately they are not real.  Bolt is only an actor dog.   The movie production company made things very real for Bolt because if the dog think it is real, so do the audience.  This imply that Bolt never know he is only an ordinary dog……

So to me.. in other words… Bolt is a stupid dog.. hahaha… who never watch TV before but the hamster, Rhino does!

Ok.. just to tell you a little bit about the movie.. the rest of the story, you watch it yourself!  A recommended movie to watch.  I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Bolt, Mittens (cat), Rhino (hamster)