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SPCA, Singapore

Do you like animals?

I like animals, especially the furry ones…  At home in Kuala Lumpur I have a Golden Retriever dog.  I used to keep hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and birds.

SPCA - Singapore

SPCA - Singapore

Went to this SPCA to check,.. often seen from posters, flyers and heard from radio, not to simply purchase animals.  Great responsibility to keep a pet.

“Keeping a pe comes with many responsibilities.  The pet owner must  be prepared to spend time and money to care for it for life.  Not everyone is ready for such a commitment.  Thus, pets should never be given as gifts.”

The SPCA Singapore receives approximately 1,000 unwanted animals every month.  You can check more info on SPCA by clicking here.

As you see from the photo album, most of  the dogs are large breed because small breed dogs are fast to be adopted.

Tigers attacked a man in Singapore Zoo

Have you been to Singapore Zoo? 5 months ago I’ve been there. Singapore Zoo is quite a well maintained zoo that you should go.

If you do not know about this news, i will tell you about tigers attacked a man in the zoo… in the zoo there were 3 white tigers where they were kept in the zoo compound. A man whom is a cleaner from Malaysia, have some inner problems (not sure if he is mentality ill???).. he jumped to the tiger pond, and walked towards to the tigers. The man in fact intended to suicide and having the tigers to eat him alive!

Two tigers pounced at him, and mauled him to death. Onlookers at first thought there were somewhat performance going on, unfortunately the man wanted to be killed by the tigers. When the onlookers realised it was “real”, they were trying to distract the tigers by screaming and even one trying an umbrella at the tigers.

Click here to know more about the incident.

This is a very uncommon method to suicide.  I mean, to me i will not suicide in this gruesome way.  I don’t want to die without my head.  or a leg or hand that had been teared off.   Whatever reasons, or whatever difficulties faces,…dying is not a solution.  Have you heard of a saying “live is short”… people wants to live longer, however, eventually there are also people want to make  their life shorter…

Live life to the fullest….

Photo of the 3 white tigers at Singapore Zoo before the incident

Photo of the 3 white tigers at Singapore Zoo before the incident